Pharmacies Ill-Prepared For Potential DEA Crackdown (PDF)
Sept. 18, 2012

Generics Safe Harbor Question Could Derail Biosimilars (PDF)
Aug. 21, 2012

Hospitals Find Relief As HHS Signals States Can’t Cut Medicaid (PDF)
July 11, 2012


Enviro Agency Dramatically Underestimated Oil Spill Effects When Signing Off On BP Lease, Docs Show
July 7, 2010
Talking Points Memo

Exclusive: BP Bills Anadarko $272 Million In Gulf Spill Response
June 30, 2010
Talking Points Memo

White House Tells All Federal Agencies To Prohibit Unauthorized Employees From Wikileaks Site
Dec. 3, 2010
Talking Points Memo

Prudes v. Porn: To keep out a sex shop, Derby tries skirting the law (PDF)
July 24, 2008
New Haven Advocate

How Lieberman Got Amazon To Drop Wikileaks
Dec. 1, 2010
Talking Points Memo

Democrats Added Ban On Gitmo Detainee Transfer To Omnibus Spending Bill
Dec. 13, 2010
Talking Points Memo

How Rep. Louie ‘Terror Babies’ Gohmert Got A College Art Director Fired
Nov. 16, 2010
Talking Points Memo

-Longer Form-

The War On Sharia Started Long Before You Ever Heard ‘Ground Zero Mosque’
Sept. 23, 2010
Talking Points Memo

Muslims Are Just The Latest American Scapegoat
Sept. 8, 2010
Talking Points Memo

Conservatives Try To Bash USDA Anti-Racism Suit, Shirley Sherrod
July 22, 2010
Talking Points Memo

What Changed? White House Now Supports Franken Rape Amendment

Dec. 18, 2009
Talking Points Memo

Secrets and Rowland: What we’ll never know about the ex-Gov’s new gig (PDF)
May 1, 2008
New Haven Advocate

-Food Writing-

Java To Chill: Iced coffee, in its infinite local varieties (PDF)
June 11, 2008
New Haven Advocate

Let’s Talk Turkey: An on-ramp find in Waterbury (PDF)
July 23, 2008
New Haven Advocate


Egypt Wire
Late January to early February, 2011

Countdown To Reform Wire
March 2010 – the final days before the House passed health care reform

Health Care Wire
December 2009 – the days before and after the Senate passed HCR